Dan Fraser Live

Sat 2nd Nov, 2019 @ 08:00pm

I must have been 8 when I had my first guitar for Christmas; it was horrible, must have cost a tenner from some nasty bargain shop and has strings that cut your fingers. But I got a tune out of it....... joined my first band aged 15 without telling anyone. Which was pointless because I kept coming home smelling of fags, beer and guitar strings. By the time I was 18 I had started writing some decent songs and my room became a mini studio and I never really looked back. Now based in Colchester I love being a professional musician, songwriter and performer. I have many European gigs to my name (Germany, Switzerland and France mainly) and shall be returning to Germany three times in 2019 for more. Apart from that I play all over East Anglia, London and also do the odd gig south of the river. I am also looking forward to a new release in 2019 of original songs............ and when not solo I also love doing the same thing with Rural Outcasts. I usually do 100+ gigs a year so why not come down and see me in action? And if you’re a venue or pub feel free to send me a message or ring me on 07948 553644.



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